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Dementia Care

Innovation & Compassion For Those With Memory Loss

Find Peace of Mind With Our Expert Care

Dementia is one of the most common health conditions among adults over the age of 65 and has an impact reaching far beyond the patients who are diagnosed. At Highpoint at Stonecrest, we understand how dementia can affect families, caregivers and others who care about their loved one with memory loss. You may be feeling worried about your loved one and wondering how to tell the difference between dementia and age-related forgetfulness – we’re here to help every step of the way.

We work together with families to establish a dementia care plan based on each resident’s values, priorities and preferences, so that neither you nor your loved one are alone in dealing with the challenges of memory loss. If you’re looking for a support network you can rely on, you’ll find it at Highpoint. Our specially trained associates bring a high level of professionalism and support as we focus on symptoms, causes and treatment options for your loved ones with dementia.

Living with dementia can be isolating – for both the individual experiencing symptoms and their loved ones. Beyond providing the best in clinical dementia care, our approach prioritizes close-knit connections and purposeful activities to help our residents lead vibrant, meaningful lives. With dementia care at Highpoint, your family becomes our family, and we get to know each resident’s life story so we can expand on their personal experiences and nurture individual strengths.

Dementia presents itself in different ways from person to person depending on which area of their brain is affected and which stage of dementia they are experiencing. Our dedicated team takes a person-centered approach, focusing on each individual’s specific symptoms, needs and abilities to determine how best to slow the effects of the disease.

The apartments in our memory care neighborhood are specially designed for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, providing safety, privacy and comfort. Our attention to detail goes beyond each residence – we offer purposeful gathering spaces, including a secure outdoor courtyard, dining area and activity rooms, all of which encourage enjoyable social interaction and a sense of belonging.

Most importantly, with dementia care at Highpoint, you and your loved one are not alone in dealing with dementia. We’re here every step of the way, helping each resident make the most of their experiences and cognitive abilities and helping families address the challenges of memory loss with greater confidence and peace of mind.