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Health & Safety

A safe place to land.

You can count on us to pioneer the latest innovations in senior care to keep our residents healthy and protected. Designed with your safety in mind, we’ve taken a holistic approach to health and wellness that includes cutting-edge technology.

We had the unique opportunity to proactively build a senior care community with cutting-edge, technology-enabled health and safety measures. As such, we’ve incorporated advanced safety features at every turn – including state-of-the-art air filtration and antimicrobial paint and surfaces – in order to reduce the risk of virus and bacteria transmission and ensure the health and security of residents and their families, now and in the future.

Reducing risk, maximizing quality.

The health, safety and assurance of our residents and team members will always be top priority, but even more so with the continued risk posed by COVID-19. We urge you to learn more about our action plan to safeguard residents and associates in our senior care community as well as the opportunities available for COVID-19 vaccination.

Health & Safety Features

  • Antimicrobial Paint: Throughout the community, we've used antimicrobial paint to prevent the growth and spread of fungi, bacteria, mold and mildew. On an untreated surface, microorganisms can double in number every 20 minutes. Despite its powerful resistance to bacteria, antimicrobial paint is completely safe and used in many hygiene-critical environments such as hospitals.
  • Plasma Air Purification: Plasma filtration systems form charged ions as air circulates, and the ions bond to toxins in the air. Some bonds make the molecules large enough to be caught in normal air filtration systems, while others oxidize and destroy bacteria. It's both a highly effective and green solution to purifying air.
  • Accushield Screening Technology: In addition to fighting viruses and bacteria on surfaces and through air purification, we’ll employ a screening system to help prevent anything harmful from entering the community. Before entering, all visitors will have their temperature checked, answer a screening questionnaire and stay logged in to our system.