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Getting Involved At Your Loved One’s Senior Care Community

Create Great Comfort And Confidence

When moving into a senior living community, it’s normal that both you and your loved one will be curious, and possibly concerned, about the changes that lie ahead. Will they enjoy living at their new community? How can you best help them adjust to their new living environment? What is the role of family members at their new community?


Continue Your Connection With Your Loved One

These questions are completely understandable – and at Highpoint at Stonecrest, we’re here to help you feel as comfortable as possible. We believe family members are an essential part of our community. Residents and staff alike welcome the opportunity to befriend and foster relationships with those who love and care for others living at Highpoint. Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. Get to know staff members and caregivers. While your loved one’s care is certainly top priority, you’ll both enjoy learning about those around them at their new community. You’ll soon discover common ground by asking about staff members’ own families, hobbies and aspirations.
  2. Assist staff members in getting to know your loved one. Take the opportunity to help caregivers learn about your loved one. The better they know them, the more they understand their personality and needs. Encourage your loved one to share about their background, family history, interests and preferences.
  3. Become active at the community. Senior living communities are usually very open to family involvement. If you’re able to take part in community events, you’ll meet even more of your loved one’s neighbors and caregivers. Look into volunteer opportunities, as well as family support groups. Keeping up with community communications will enable you to help your loved one to get involved themselves.
  4. Plan ahead for special occasions. Besides participating in community-hosted events, you can also plan your own events for or with your loved one. Arrange to bring in treats for their birthday or anniversary which will foster interaction with other residents and staff members. You may also be able reserve a private dining room or gathering space for a special meal or party.
  5. Connect through regular visits and communication. There’s no doubt that visiting your loved one helps them feel more familiar and comfortable in their new senior living community. Also remember that you don’t need to be with them all the time during the transition – it’s good to give them space to adjust to their new home on their own. And while it’s often difficult for long-distance family members to feel involved, at Highpoint, we’ll help coordinate the involvement of family members, near or far, in any way we can.